Conservation Careers Afternoon – 8 June 2023

An engaging afternoon exploring conservation careers, bringing together NMIT Te Pūkenga staff and high school students from local Nelson Tasman schools. The event provided hands-on experiences, insightful discussions, and exposure to the various facets of conservation, including local ecology, predator trapping, conservation technology, and study options within the industry.

The event kicked off at Te Pūkenga NMIT Richmond campus, where students gathered for a brief introduction to conservation and trainee ranger roles. They delved into career opportunities available with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and other conservation pathways. The rationale behind these jobs existing was also discussed, highlighting the crucial role they play.

The group then ventured into Eves Valley, only to be greeted by an afternoon frost! They had the opportunity to observe rat and possum traps as well as wasp bait stations. The tutor and trainee rangers shed light on the various methods used to set trap lines and explained how GPS technology is used to monitor them.

Equipped with spades, the group then planted approximately 25 native trees. The newly planted trees were protected with plastic coverings, ensuring optimal growth and survival. The tutor also shared valuable insights into the benefits of native planting – with its fire retardant properties, it played a significant role during the Pigeon Valley fires.

Overall, the event succeeded in instilling a deeper understanding of conservation careers and may well serve as a stepping stone towards their future involvement in environmental preservation.