Industries: Construction, Engineering and Trades

Steadily add tools to your belt and be challenged with different tasks and projects

engineer welding in a workshop

Each day brings a new challenge

Are you a practical hands-on person? Do you enjoy working with tools? This industry allows for ongoing upskilling and a wide variety of specialties. Work alongside team members for larger initiatives as well as problem solving on your own. Grow into overseeing projects and managing teams. Plan and design solutions.

A positive can-do attitude is all you need

Be challenged mentally and physically on the job.  Do on the job training or fulfill an apprenticeship to gain a qualification and work your way up.  Learn about different resources and materials and apply your skillset in a team environment.  If you are unsure where to start, our local Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) Pre-Trades course covers what you need to know and is thought highly of by local Employers.

The trades industry in Nelson Tasman is growing rapidly, with many opportunities to be a part of and exciting projects.  There’s indoor and outdoor work – teamwork and jobs on your own.  You may find you enjoy plastering or painting or have an interest in lighting or wiring – perhaps become an Electrician.

Keep it varied and pursue a building career where you can be involved in design through to finish.  Take your handy skills home – impress the family.  Health and safety is an essential aspect – being aware and checking on your mates is all part of it.  The industry is broad – hands on, using tools or managing people and planning processes and projects.  Local businesses are also looking for trainee Engineers – work with machinery and equipment, use a CNC press brake, 3D printers, carry out maintenance and repairs or create new parts from computer designs.  Engineers are in all sorts of workplaces – mechanical, electrical, civil, design, aircraft, farm machinery, cranes and more.  They are always in demand.

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