Industries: Oceans

With the largest fishing port in New Zealand, Nelson is a gateway of opportunity

Man pulling up snapper on trawler

Seas the opportunities

Whether you want to be around the sea, on it, or in it, Nelson is a place of vast opportunities. You can become a trainee crew member or an engineer on fishing boats and start earning with training and career advancements in the first year of steady employment. Get paid when you are back on land too!

Work on the water, aim for the stars

Life on the seas can come with a unique set of challenges, but with perseverance, you can train on the job, develop skills, progress your career, and gain transferable skills to take you places in different industries.  Learn to be a leader, team player, and self-managed member on the boat.  Take advantage of the extended periods at sea to save, and then the weeks of leave to enjoy.

As part of the factory crew, you will process seafood on the boat. You can work your way up to a factory manager who coordinates production in the vessel factory, directs and supervises staff, and manages quality control standards.  Or, you can go down the captain’s path and start on deck and work your way up to bosun and first or second mate.  These roles supervise the deckhands, operate the trawls, and manage net maintenance and operations.

There are also great opportunities to become an engineer; while not all businesses require a trade certificate when you start, it can be an asset when you begin practical work.   You’ll work to maintain the functionality and safety of the vessel engines, boilers, deck machinery, electrical, hydraulic, and refrigeration systems.  You can work your way up to be a chief engineer who directs and oversees all engineering activities and projects.

Check out Marine Farming Association a regional industry body representing aquaculture interests in the top of the South Island (Te Tauihu).

Support the future of oceans economy

Fishing and aquaculture make up a huge part of the Nelson Tasman’s economy and employs thousands of people.  Government are investing in this area so there are some awesome opportunities up for grabs.

If you are happiest being on or near the ocean then this may be the industry for you.

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