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Nelson Tasman’s food and beverage industry is creative, innovative and rich with opportunities

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Activate your taste buds

Nelson Tasman is a dynamic player in the food and drink industry of Aotearoa. Whether it’s creating new products or new ways of making food and drink, there are plenty of opportunities for you. At the heart of the Nelson food scene is a beating heart of innovation and we’re looking to attract those creative thinkers, great communicators, passionate foodies and problem-solvers. Make a career from bringing better products to consumers around the globe.
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The world is your oyster in Nelson Tasman

By becoming a food technologist with relevant qualifications. Be a part of developing new products or improving on old classics, make test samples and conduct trials, have a say in where you source ingredients. There are excellent prospects for career progression into research and experimental development, technical management, or consumer research as they are all in high demand. You can improve the packaging, investigate the nutritional properties of food, and make sure the products meet the necessary specifications and standards.

Suppose you are more interested in gaining leadership knowledge. In that case, production management has significant advancements and practical skills to carry you through other areas of your life; grow and maintain relationships, be a problem-solver and solution-focused.

Winemaking in the Nelson Tasman is prominent and consistently wins more awards than any other region in New Zealand per hectare of vines planted and sold worldwide. Working in small wineries, you may be involved in the whole winemaking process. Your responsibilities may include growing the grapes from the vine, bottling them and marketing the finished wine. You are never too young to discover your passions, so develop those new wine styles, improve wine quality and have that unique eye for detail.

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A delicious future awaits

If you are quality-focused, community-driven, or just a curious foodie, this is all you need to foster an interest in this industry. Work regular hours in the comfort of labs, offices, or factories. There will be opportunities for on-the-job training programmes specific to the business; tertiary courses in food science and technology will help get you in the door.

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