Inside Info: Snap Core

From its beginnings in a small garage in New Zealand, Snap Core continues to grow at pace on the global stage – USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, the UK. We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated, specialist software developers, electronic and mechanical engineers developing and manufacturing live cameras, AI hardware and satellite communication systems from the ground up. We are driven by “Capturing Innovation, Inspiring Transformation”. Snap Core develops technology that is transforming transparency, efficiency and allows our customers to form relationships that seldom exist in today’s globalised supply chains.

At Snap Core we are invested in our people and culture. The emphasis is that the team members not only fit the job requirements, but also match up to our core values. Employee feedback shows us that people enjoy working at Snap Core because of the work culture, atmosphere and support they receive, among other aspects. We value personal approach, working in teams, regular check-ins, professional and personal growth. We developed the Forge programme to inspire and forge future leaders, and to grow people’s capacities and talents.

Retaining employees through open communication, monthly one-on-one discussions at a cafe, ‘Snap Core Time’ which is time allocated to people for professional development, training in-house / or out as needed, opportunities to step up, and a very supportive and positive work environment are very important for us. As such, we have regular visits from Workplace Support, which provide wellbeing services and on-site employee assistance to give external support, as required.

We run an annual intern programme in the area of ‘Edge AI, Software, Infrastructure and Hardware Development’. The interns are a part of a Snap Core team, attending meetings, learning about Snap Core processes, and are given a special project for each of the terms. Many of these interns have since been hired here in permanent roles.

Snap Core has a social committee (the Department of Fun Times – DOFT), which organises events, such as morning teas, lunches, Christmas parties, social events inside / outside of work and sponsors ‘Sausage Sizzle’ Friday.

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