IT and Computing Roadshow – 15 June 2022

A group of 16 students from local high schools came along for the IT and Computing Tour.

The IT Department at New Zealand King Salmon was the first stop on the tour, where students did a deep dive into three key roles – Business Analyst, Application Support Specialist, and Operations Manager.  NMIT joined and talked about the opportunities to get certificates and knowledge to enter the workforce.

At the next stop, Gail from Nimbus Software Ltd introduced the students to their organisation, sharing her journey of completing a Business Diploma at NMIT which led to her role at Nimbus and highlighted the importance of finding an organisation that also suits your individual needs and values.

Banphot talked about the Software Development Life Cycle and key roles that are required, such as Software Developer, Coder, Software Tester, and Enhancement.  The students then completed a task where they were required to rank the more detailed steps within the Software Development Life Cycle in order.  This was to understand the tasks that go on behind the scenes in order to create new software, and involving different team members.

The final stop was at Sealord Group Ltd, where students learnt about IT opportunities in their organisation.  They were really impressed with the variety of roles within the IT department!  Shaun, Matthew, Fiona and Matthew shared their career journeys and the variety of jobs that led to their current roles.  They also shared the importance of why it was so vital for them to identify their passion and career path.  It was very inspiring hearing them work their way up as well as try roles that they weren’t necessarily “qualified” for but got from experience.

The tour generated great discussions around training and qualifications among the students who were intrigued by the many different roles available in this field of work.