Working at Laser Plumbing with Hunter

19-year-old Hunter put his hand up for work experience with Laser Plumbing in his last year at Waimea College as well as working in the school holidays.  By being driven and ambitious his hard work has paid off.  Laser Plumbing offered him a full-time position and Hunter dived straight into his apprenticeship.  He is now a year and a half into his plumbing, drain laying and gas fitting apprenticeship which will take give years total to complete.

Hunter didn’t initially envision himself as a plumber but after getting into it, he has really enjoyed the job and getting to try new things and challenges.  Through his can-do, positive attitude he has earned more responsibility and opportunities to work on high skilled jobs. Hunter also mentioned,

“there have been some stuff ups along the way, but that’s all part of learning”.

Even though Hunter started the job with very little experience, he has already found an area of expertise in his role as a drainlayer, plumber and gasfitter apprentice.  Hunter works mainly on new builds in the residential space – the plumbing side of things, including installing plumbing lines.  Hunter works closely with one of the senior members, Mitchell, who has taught him and mentored him along the way.  Mitchell and Hunter work on a lot of the new builds that require ‘fusiotherm’ pipe work. 

This work requires more skill, precision, and time.  Hunter has enjoyed learning this skill and being able to be put on jobs that challenge him.  After receiving positive feedback from other companies about Hunters work, Laser Plumbing have continued to give him more responsibility.  This has been very rewarding for him.

Laser Plumbing’s offering of work can be quite varied as they cover, commercial, residential, private and maintenance jobs.  It involves working both indoors and outdoors, depending on the job.  The hours are 7.30 am to 5.00 pm, however Hunter has showed his hard-working attitude and initiative and sometimes works overtime where needed.  Hunter said he has always had a great work ethic as is parents have been great role models for him and worked hard themselves.  Hunter describes the working environment at Laser Plumbing as:

“a really good place to work, everyone’s really close and we’re like a family, enjoying activities outside of work too”.

When asking Hunter what he enjoys most about the Nelson Tasman region he answered, “Probably just everything being so close, we have rivers right in our backyards – the beach is just around the corner.”  Hunter grew up in Nelson and has lots of friends and family here. He spends his spare time enjoying the outdoors and is considered a very active lad, fishing and hunting, mountain biking, “just being outside and doing stuff – not just sitting around.”

Sharing some inspiration to others getting into a trade,

“if you get given an opportunity, just go for it.”