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Are you ready to make your next step tech? Embrace your future with Tech Step, your gateway to an exciting array of technology careers that turn aspirations into a pathway of achievements.

Tech careers offer a wide landscape of opportunities, and are here to inspire you with compelling tech narratives, informative events, and resources. The potential opportunities that tech careers hold for Kiwis is exciting and we want you as a part of this journey. Whether you’re seeking career advice, investigating educational pathways, diving into a tech career, or enthusiastic about attending captivating events, TechStep are here to support you.

CareerCrate is your ultimate go-to resource for unleashing the world of tech careers. All about keeping it fresh, inspiring and fun while providing you with the latest scoop on tech roles across diverse industries and sectors. Whether you’re a newcomer launching into your first job, or an experienced player looking for a fresh challenge, CareerCrate is your co-pilot in navigating the world of tech careers.

Check out local Nelson Tasman Tech Step videos on TechFlicks:

Zavier at Snap IT

Phoebe at Port Nelson

Chris at Golden Bay Fruit

Destinnie at Sealord

TechVault is your comprehensive guide for all things tech through a range of resources including insightful interviews with tech industry leaders, a range of interactive flowcharts, innovative apps, AI-enhanced tools, and tailored CV and interview advice, all designed to leave a remarkable impression on potential employers.  With TechVault, you’ll always be in sync with the beat of the tech world, staying updated with the freshest news and trends shaping the industry’s landscape.

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