All About: The Electrical Training Company (ETCO)

The Electrical Training Company (ETCO) is NZ’s largest private provider of both on and off-job electrical apprenticeship training and support. ETCO employs apprentices and places them with host companies via our group apprenticeship scheme. We also provide training courses for apprentices and qualified electricians to ensure they are qualified to work in the new and emerging fields. ETCO is 100% owned by Master Electricians, the industry association for NZ electrical contractors. Established in 1991, we operated as a not-for-profit charity with our surpluses channeled back into developing industry training and supporting our apprentices, whose success is at the core of our business.

Our apprentice training is a combination of on-the-job training through placements with electrical companies and contractors, and off-the-job training. This involves study at home, attending our night classes and block courses at one of our eight training centres. Apprentices receive extensive instruction, supervision and support throughout all stages of their training which involves a series of assignments, assessments and examinations. Our staff are second to none in their industry knowledge, pastoral support and effectiveness in giving our apprentices all the professional and practical skills to be highly successful electricians.

We’re constantly in touch with, and listening to, the needs of our stakeholders – schools, parents, electrical companies and contractors, partners, sponsors and government. This engagement ensures we secure the best candidates and work placements, and deliver the highest standards of training for our apprentices.

An apprenticeship allows you to ‘earn as you learn’ meaning no student debt or loans with most of your training being practical on the job skills alongside a skilled supervisor tradesperson. Electricians are in very high demand worldwide with large scale infrastructure and residential projects planned across NZ and in exciting new areas such as renewable energy.

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