Aquaculture Careers Day and Boat Trip – 24 May 2023

Another great day out on the water! NRDA, Marine Farming Association and NMIT / Te Pūkenga partnered again to run an aquaculture careers exploration day and boat trip. So many students signed up to the last trip a few weeks back another day was created. Students from Nayland College, Motueka High, Nelson Girls College, and Nelson College had an exciting and educational day of aquaculture insights aboard the Grey Heron.

Skipper Kris Solly warmly welcomed everyone and provided a thorough briefing on boat protocols and safety precautions to ensure the students’ well-being. Alex from Marine Farming Association shared valuable information about the diverse range of career opportunities within the industry. The students received advice on how to pursue a career in this field and learned about the many benefits it offers. Addie, the sea hand, demonstrated essential knot-tying techniques, showcasing the art of seamanship, and teaching the students practical skills. Rosella from NMIT shared insights into the underlying principles of aquaculture research and science. She also informed the students about the study options available at NMIT related to aquaculture.

Students arrived at the oyster farm, where Aaron from Flip Farm demonstrated the process of cultivating mussels. The innovative flip farm system, consisting of suspended baskets, was explained, which intermittently exposed the mussels. to air, promoting robust shell development for export purposes. The students actively participated in shucking oysters, and some got to taste them. It seems that opinions on the taste varied among the students. Upon arrival at the mussel farm, the students observed floating structures that hosted abundant marine life. They learned about the careful cultivation techniques employed in the mussel farming industry.

Overall, students had a memorable experience, gaining insights into various aspects of aquaculture and the career opportunities available in the industry.