Forestry Careers Day – 28 June 2023

Ange from NRDA organised an engaging forestry careers exploration day in collaboration with OneFortyOne, benefiting nearly 20 students from local Nelson Tasman high schools. The event proved to be a fun-filled and inspiring experience, providing valuable insights into various career paths within the forestry industry.

Taking the lead were Liam, Matthew, and Fallon from OneFortyOne, who guided the students to the first site located in Golden Down forests, a working skid site belonging to the harvesting crew. The students had the opportunity to hear from the team members about their roles and how they found their way into the forestry sector. They were able to explore the impressive machinery used and gain knowledge about its function in accomplishing the job. The team also emphasised the importance of health and safety practices as well as environmental conservation in forestry operations, highlighting the industry’s commitment to these aspects.

The weather was absolutely stunning, offering the students breathtaking views that showcased the beauty of their potential workplace. It truly highlighted what an amazing environment forestry can provide.

The next site visited focused on silviculture, specifically tree planting. Here, the students actively participated by trying on the required gear and planting young seedlings themselves. Students then did a couple of activities involving planting races and measurements, with prizes for the winners.

For those who love the outdoors and thrive in a team-oriented environment, forestry unquestionably presents an excellent choice. The event not only served as an eye-opening experience but also sparked a genuine enthusiasm among the students, further cementing forestry as a promising career option for those passionate about nature and teamwork.