Working at Donaldson Civil with Axel

Axel is qualified Water Reticulation Serviceman and an Apprentice Drainlayer for Donaldson Civil. Axel’s workdays involve a wide range of tasks essential for the smooth operation of civil engineering projects. Whether it’s precision pipe laying, configuring laser equipment, constructing manholes, general labour, or operating heavy machinery, Axel is always ready to adapt and excel in his dynamic role.

Axel’s journey into his current role is a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and growth. He joined Donaldson Civil right after leaving school, where he received on-the-job training and learned the essential knowledge and skills required for his role. During this time, he was fortunate to work alongside experienced team members who provided guidance, enriching his knowledge base. Although Axel briefly ventured into working with other companies, he found his way back to Donaldson Civil, drawn by the collaborative team environment and the opportunities for professional development.

Interestingly, Axel’s career path was not something he had envisioned during his school years. Like many young people, he wasn’t certain about his career direction. However, he was certain about one thing—he wanted to work outdoors, stay physically active, and face new challenges every day. His role at Donaldson Civil aligns perfectly with these goals.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Axel’s job is the combination of physical activity and camaraderie with his colleagues. Being outdoors and engaged in a wide range of activities keeps him fit and the diverse personalities of his teammates make each day enjoyable.

Of course, no career journey is without its challenges. Axel openly shares that he faced difficulties with the paperwork and bookwork aspect of his role, mainly because he didn’t have a strong affinity for traditional schooling. However, he acknowledges the support system he has at Donaldson Civil, particularly his colleague Madi and other team members, who have helped him overcome this challenge. Learning how to effectively communicate with coworkers, solve problems on the spot, and thrive under pressure are invaluable skills Axel has developed along his career path.

In his spare time, Axel enjoys quality moments with his young family in the Nelson Tasman region. Weekends are often filled with family activities, including trips to parks, playgrounds, and beaches. He embraces the region’s outdoor offerings, from biking to playing rugby during the winter season. The beautiful weather and abundant outdoor activities make Nelson Tasman a perfect place to live and raise a family.

For those aspiring to follow a similar career path in civil construction, Axel offers some great advice:

“Work hard, maintain the right attitude, and give everything your best shot! One thing I probably didn’t do when I was younger was step out of my comfort zone. It took me some time to operate heavy machinery confidently. So, if I could give anyone advice, it would be to seize opportunities, whether it’s operating a digger or taking on a new role. There are always people around you willing to support your journey.”