Working at Yum with Sarah

Sarah has never been afraid of putting her hand up and trying something new – she has studied nutrition, attended business school, worked in commercial real estate, and then became a breakfast chef and baker. Food has always sparked an interest in Sarah, ultimately leading her to create ‘Yum’, a Granola brand located here in sunny Nelson.

Sarah said from a young age she always enjoyed and appreciated food and the concept behind it even though when she was 13 she wanted to be a meteorologist because of her fascination with weather.  Sarah decided to complete a nutrition degree, however, upon completion she wasn’t drawn to the career options available.  This led her to explore many different avenues and reignite her enjoyment around food and the positive impact it can have on people.

As you can imagine, Sarah is responsible for many of the activities involved in getting Yum Granola to its loyal customers which is why she prioritises balance in her work life.  Beginning her day with a 10-minute breathing and meditation she then takes her daughter to kindergarten on her e-bike before getting into her work day.  Sarah highlights the various cycle and walkways around Nelson which makes it safe to bike around.

Sarah has enjoyed scaling her business, while it has had its challenges it is extremely rewarding. Sarah mentioned she is able to use her role at Yum as a creative outlet, working on limited edition flavours and recipes to represent the season. Sarah also appreciates the positive local business environment Nelson offers –

“on a business level, we have a really good community here, we’re well supported”

Sarah is an active relaxer which is one of the many reasons she calls Nelson home. “Nelson has amazing beaches, like really incredible beaches and warm water. I’ve just started open water swimming more this year so to just be able to pop over the hill and jump in the ocean and go swimming, even at night, is pretty amazing. Then we’re surrounded by what, three or four national parks which are all within an hour’s drive – it’s all very accessible for anyone!”